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Petes-Kitchen Sunday LunchFoodIdeals is an online resource for all thinggs kitchen. From my favorite recipes, my reviews of cookbooks old and new (I have over 500 of them, yes I am mad about cookbooks), my opinions on bits of kitchen kit I have tried, hints & tips, menu suggestions and much more. I am constantly adding to the site so be sure to bookmark us and return soon.

From tasty Tapas to Sunday roasts I am sure to have a recipe to suit your needs. The recipe collection which has been tried and tested by me is constantly being expanded (along with my waistline).

Eating out has become a big thing in the last twenty years with an increase of disposable income. Television has brought us celebrity chefs who can cook up gourmet meals in minutes all of which is great. But on the other end of the spectrum the rise of the big fast food chains have also increased of the last twenty to thirty years, serving up the same of mixture of heavily processed food, laden with salt , sugar and fat to an unsuspecting public. We know when we have to worry when one of the larger chains removes the word ‘fried’ from its name for fear of health connotations. It has happened. It is my ideal that food should be enjoyed. I have nothing against burgers or fried chicken when it is of a high quality. A home cooked burger made from minced beef and onions cooked to perfection on a barbecue is pure heaven. Not some flavored cardboard put between two flabby pieces of bread thrown at me by a spotty teenager who does not want to be there.

Petes-Kitchen Barbecue mealThe art of entertaining at home is dying at present. People believe that just because the professionals can do it they can’t. Our recipes are designed for everyone to use. With a little application even a novice can cook up a veritable feast for six people with ease. The image to the left took less than 3 hours to prepare and was cooked of a disposable barbecue costing less than £3, if I can do it so can you! Whats more there was enough food for at least 4 people with leftovers for lunch the next day! The cost of the ingredients and the barbecue came to less than what you may expect to pay for a single main course at a mid-priced resturant and fed 4. Surely this has to be better in these times of austerity to entertain at home rather than in resturants. Sorry resturanteurs but thats what I believe.

With today’s hectic lifestyles too many people just throw a ready meal in the microwave oven after work. It does not have to be like this. Many foods, like curry, bolognese etc., are ideal for home freezing. Make up a large batch at the weekend when you have the time and freeze it down. During the week when time is short, just defrost and reheat, tasty food in minutes. Stir fry’s are quick to cook and always a winner. Kebabs and burgers are always a favorite with the kids and really quick to prepare. In the summer months when the evenings are longer what is better than a barbecue, a simple piece of meat or fish quickly marinated for half an hour, barbecued, accompanied by a salad and a bottle of wine or a couple of beers, pure heaven.

I hope I have tempted you to give it a go. I promise you wont be dissapointed.